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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 12:31pm-1:01pm EDT

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i've got to go to college thank you very much for being with us today so the global economy is in a pretty bad shape and especially the eurozone regardless the last e.u. summit is going to influence the g twenty summit twenty summit will focus on the state of the global economy clearly. issues related to the possibility here of supporting sustainable form growth will be in the center of the discussion in the first day it was time. for more technical nature real more from the national leaders can't ask for example last year's g twenty summit was worth something about one billion dollars. people don't really think that anything comes
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out of this and especially when it comes to plausible solutions to the real problems world is facing. for example last summer suggested that world needs more financial regulation and that countries with big budget deficits should cut those deficits and the countries with large surpluses in external trade should encourage internal consumption any of this been implemented through a. conductor or sun it's so it's cheaper and cheaper from time to time and money being spent in a more efficient way than before second are that important to understand that while during this time it's more specific decisions are being made. because of national for policies conducted by national governments important result this kind before direct to a card in the nation could face much. more difficult consequences so financial
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turmoil to happen. the thousand things but what are you guys deciding on this summits and g. twenty that you can't decide of the phone when leaders look to the ice or for each other final outcome is much more efficient being informed conversations are too formal for those kinds of decisions especially given the differences. in the traditions of use of various nations let's take a united states and china form commiserations might help they need to talk to each other directly to reach some kind of compromise operations like in your opinion what would you say so far has been the biggest achievement concrete achievement of g. twenty in europe are i would say that. just trying to play a role for the decision. making process. or some new europe now that you're mistaken one could argue with it could be or
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a bad decision will be sufficient not to dissolve the crisis in europe but to resolve to turn to your pressure would be a lot easier than what we're still like left with faced with fundamental problems in global economy with the u.s. debt the eurozone crisis or the euro crisis we still have the lack of global financial oversight what do this factor leave us with i mean are we headed for a recession or a second round of recession there is a commitment from all g twenty countries to cut budget deficits where budget deficits are high and we expect to all countries still probably wish you were in command or committed. to do in this who help to achieve the degree of fiscal consolidation needed to calm the markets and. start so the new cycle grows a second so there's
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a clear and. thing of the. stronger financial oversight is needed some progress in creation of new banking scandals our position is that for the pace of the force is sufficient we should not call to frost since if you produce tougher security standards for financial institutions now we have a negative impact on growth so i see or have good chances to prevent another recession where does russia stand in all of this chaos russia is interested in global stability and this is why the russian president is participating in trying to sense he makes his contribution here stance very strong position russia is following called the commitments we made before budget based is down that you still more there so what was lost we will see.
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the recover from recession into cells and. then and have four percent growth. according to all international benchmarks we are in a good position but what i'm interested in is. the really bad shape of the united states economy the really bad shape of the european crisis is it going to affect us . global on terminus real effect russia it's clear the question is whether those tourists will be war more there and second whether russia is prepared to face the challenges that we do have for the source we do have in strong storm lasted less markets we do believe that we would not face the same kind of crisis here in two thousand time but do you agree for instance with president obama when he calls for the whole world to stand united by the u.s. economy it's a bit of a selfish call it is a selfish call. clear the mr critical considerations same time
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with a chorus to the biggest economy and. narrative he went by states to affect the global economy from. the negative way but i would. reassert by things that we should all support each other. to a time a curious should do its own work as well to reduce budget deficit and debt also at the open rift between sarkozy and cameron confirms one more time how divided the european nations really are are the decisions that are taken at that have been taken at the e.u. summit enough to prevent this spread of the euro zone crisis let's hope that the european decisions are sufficient to prevent the spread of the crisis. amounts of money you know tarp quite big. but. the effect is conditional
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on what the national guard. is a second step of a big government italy spain portable parliament some other countries with qantas need to continue to undertake ministers tribulation public finances into banks as well but do you feel like that the time has come where when russia is actually in a position to advise its former mentors to be feel that you have. a sufficiently good results to. vice if the advice is to quest. and also to contribute to the stability. because for all the financial resources we. need in the european package why the international mind that front is white become all sort of money that could be used in different way otherwise are we ready to lend financial support to the
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european union like china for instance we were not equipped to provide direct financial support but what we would do it but we will put separate wire the international monetary fund if we are requested to provide direct financial support we'll consider this and we'll consider the most efficient ways to do so what about the bricklin trees a lot of people look up to them as like the last drop of hope what should they do to maintain global financial stability all greek contras. are trying to provide for highest growth rates possible consequences in achieving quite growth rates the key for the global financial stability chinese growth for brazil good for russia. all the things really important for global economy right now and. brics countries is quite big in the global
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g.d.p. . a new direction of the gross becomes just really to the higher risks in the global economy occupy wall street i know that you guys are used to having protests wherever you go whether it's people who are against globalization or environmentalists the occupy wall street have promised this time to two states protesting time do you think maybe after all these people have a point i mean introducing one percent tax for financial transactions and currency trade that's actually enough money to finance most social and environmental that is in the world i think that people who. go to the streets to send a signal to the governments have a point and. the point is that all things that the government should be doing should be related to the people's needs. one example in russia is the
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creation of international financial center in moscow some people believe that just that your brain creates and. it is known for brinks and the other french institutions to floor it but not if you can build our financial center in such a way then people real go into occupy. financial center rise and wall street should be our financial center in such a way that to help people to get. good services cheaper services. to her for a more convenient life in general. as far as a tax and financial transaction is concerned i think countries can decide on their own with introduce such a tax or or not you believe that russia would prefer enough enough taxes for all kinds of taxes and those stocks are sufficient to finance all social
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programs if collected properly used properly so we don't need another tax. in russia we believe that the stocks will hurt the economy and some other countries so. believe that so this kind of stuff in my view why not are going to focus russia's g twenty eight to the russian president thank you very much. the official t. up location on the phone called touch from the. super bowl chief life on the good. c.e.o. among all t.v.'s money fuel costs and omissions feeds now in the palm of your.
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question. please. please. please. please. a. lot.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. corporations are the day. if. the russians would be soon which brightened. about someone from finest impressions. whose friends down totty dot com. top stories are nazi which will blow wounded by verdict the high court in london rules that we can expand but you know the song should be tried in sweden have
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a controversial sex crime allegations and. results of the investigation in september's plane crash that killed a russian hockey team name pilot error as the calls of unspeakable traces of a strong sensitive in the co-pilot's blood. a sense of disillusionment dominates the protests ahead of the g. twenty summit in cannes as world leaders gather to contain the global financial mayhem and the greek isles would have a referendum on the euro zone's rescue deal is only fueled the flames. to update you for this or not though with the sports news that is next let's hear from dmitri . hello there welcome to the court takes for the company again this hour so coming up in the program. second straight victory over turkish side tribe
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joins in the champions league group b. . plus they take a step closer to the knockout stages following a narrow victory over ukrainian chuck told the nets. and czech tennis star struck up a chances of beating russia in this weekend's cup final. to claim their second draw big picture in the champions league on wednesday night the men have travelled to tribes and sport when they beat the russian capital last month the man of the moment say did a double in that match and striker had bagged two consecutive trips domestically. for points in group b. two behind inter milan. in the other game in the group they seemingly there's been at the san siro the talents have been in terrible form in their domestic league with quiet defeats in nine games but will look to get their second win in two weeks
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over the french one though victory last time out will be desperately seeking that first win in the champions league campaign. match the city boss roberto mancini has offered. as a way back into the side ahead of city's champ a clash with mancini said just needs to apologize to him and the players for recent events in munich the strikers refused to come out and play against it's a tender this hasn't played four seater since four thirty. a points behind by and one behind. what i said all the. life everyone made mistakes as important to say apologize in every situation. the crucial was is easy was. now so real madrid are the only tame in the competition. yet consider girl in group and the way against their own in france
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tonight would see them through to the next round just emery fencing their chances having bits in their own for. two weeks ago. so it. will be on will certainly come out in the mode they'll be motivated and i expect them to be the more aggressive side it's not necessarily a do or die march for early on but they'll be better placed in the group good when they're always motivated against us so we have to be careful as we can expect a physical encounter. in the meantime loan footballers understand they still have a chance to finish second in the group they're currently level on points with dark . looks almost impossible even if they intend to share points with the spanish giants but even if they lose they could hope that direct rivals with misfired in the clash with. the damaged. don't approach
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a match three can we are going to lose four new especially when we lost the first encounter but the scoreline then everyone could see the trio were very much in form before the match i said a very bad one side with strong protection to france you have to announce in the form of state of mind there's no previous meeting so will she would have been speech turned out. well a russian chairperson it boosted their chances of qualifying for the knockout stages a narrow one zero victory against shakhtar donetsk in st petersburg last not keeps them in second place in group g. belgium defender nicolas long birds with their logo at the end of the first half is in its second victory of the campaign and their point behind sensational latest nicosia big supporter towards home remember. from each group progress is in its remaining fixtures will see them. before in a way trip to portugal. in other news so pakistani cricketers are facing
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possible jail sentences after being convicted of match fixing and how to save sane head and former captain some were found guilty at a court in london another nineteen year old mohammad and they admitted the charges before the trial began in return for money off reported to deliberately no balls and stop in time during a test match against england at lord's last summer they'll be sentenced by a judge today tomorrow and could face seven years' imprisonment with so-called support fixing scam was exposed by a british had. newspaper the international cricket council says it hopes the verdicts will deter others from corruption. of course we know did the jugs is yet to determine the approved sinden put each of the deeply is so i do not comment further in that regard but i do hope that this is seen as a further warning to any individual who might who would have
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a visa to be tempted to engage in good objectivity with the no sports but search to tennis now in this weekend's fed cup final between russia and the czech republic the czechs are led by wimbledon champ and particular just form the double team championships but despite that they still consider themselves to be the underdogs for the tie in moscow where russia haven't lost for eight years richard talked with the czechs double star pashka. it's definitely great of man i think all the players which are nominated very happy that they will play here and will try their best so maybe make impossible possible i mean we have a great player we have really good singles players and also our doubles as strong as well and so we're looking forward to it so we want all push to make everything in the world would we can to get this title i mean that will be
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fantastic for everybody for the commentary and yeah we are looking forward to it how much of a buzz is better but i'm in the czech republic about perfect. oh i can i can imagine this going it's crazy for sure well i can't really tell because i wasn't there full time now but there's what i can read and prayers i mean everybody is excited and preparing everything for the trip here and to i hope we all get prepared we will have a good week for sure. but the key to go from one of wimbledon but you think you'll be going in. two thousand for it i do think so we are the underdogs but i said that we have a strong team so better watch out what we bring with hopefully we have a nice game. because a lot of times in the team but it's minutes trying to figure will to never give up
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i mean what is the biggest strength. oh i think the team you know the spirit of a team that's it's really nice is a posse years. our captain we have really great relation. i mean. if we play and the team i mean that's all what it. really supporting me to other pretty well and we want that everybody's making. point. despite their disappointing run of results russia's first formula one will at least and this season on a high note the lotus trainer driver becomes the first eastern european to compete in the twenty level race of champions in germany and joins that field that comprises one champ and including the current one red bulls sebastian vettel michael schumacher and jenson button are also expected to complete their race will
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take place in the third and fourth of december. ninth in f one drivers temple ship after coming third in the open in melbourne pretty. fresh from claiming golf's biggest prize of two million dollars rory mcilroy wants to continue his winning ways in shanghai in form northern irishman needs more prize money to try and catch top rank to look to an old in the race to dubai donald pulled out of the champions event in china opting to stay around his wife diane who is about to give birth to their second child and his absence opens the door for world number three michael roy. did at the invitation of shanghai masters last week but the wind was not saying any major so it did not count and michael barone looks to cut the gap on told the lead. to a million dollars in the european monoliths has a very secured the top title on the page but michael ross has enough left on the
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calendar to deny english men and historic cash to. the most important thing for me at the minute is just to concentrate on my goal from and make that the primary focus which it always has been. good a good one coming up to the end of the season of us is a big week and you are looking forward to playing with green in the world cup and then of hong kong and divided forward again to try to come in the looks lead so. i wonder. this is concentrated on the unfinished tradition this year off really well. let's finish on a colorful legend. slate's just a whisker away from a record eleventh world title the thirty nine year old american progress through one more heat in san francisco it's the ultimate stop on the eleven that. claim to hate monday to all but to retain his crown the press stories on him to shop his top
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of the fence but he certainly knows how to deal with it. for whatever reason impressive number of people you know it's two digits it's you know it signifies something there and. you know it's i mean. it's fine not to have. it or whatever it is no i don't really know i mean i hear people saying it to me every day so i don't know what it's like for other people's perspectives but to me it seems like it was talking about it to me. ok that's all the sport for now be back with more into ice time hale and hearty well there's nothing.
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well. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realm of russia. we've got the huge earth you're covered.
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the sense of disillusionment dominates the protests ahead of the g. twenty summit in cannes as world leaders gather to contain the global financial
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mayhem and the greek announcement of a referendum on the euro zone's rescue deal is only fueled the flames. which are leaks julian assange kids that his appeal against extradition has been rejected he comes out on to the steps of the high court to criticise the european arrest warrant. results of the investigation into september's plane crash that killed a russian hockey team blamed pilot error is the coolest to speak of traces of a strong sensitive from the co-pilot's blood of the top stories this hour. international news in coming live from moscow we're with you twenty four hours a day the upcoming g. twenty summit in the french city of can is set to begin with what's become something of a tradition massive protest suppressed by police the rage behind the banners remains the same this year the.


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